• Therianos Organic Farm
  • Ecotourism in Zakynthos, take part in agriculture activities during your stay!

Take part in various agricultural activities during your stay

Inside an organic farm of unspoilt beauty, the Therianos family produces its own natural products like vegetables, fruits, olive oil, wine, grapes, apples, quinces, oranges, lemons, walnuts and many other.
While staying at the Therianos traditional villas, depending on the time of year, you have the chance to participate in various agricultural works and activities varying from olive and vine harvesting to biological plantation and animal feeding. This way you can meet a Greek authentic way of living and get in touch with nature that will calm your soul and body.

    In particular by time of year
  • In October, November, December and January we gather the olives of our farm and we produce our own organic, extra virgin olive oil, a priceless gift of nature to us.
  • In February and March we have the pruning of organic grapes and vineyards. This is a necessary work in order to get the best quality of raisins and grapes.
  • In March we cut the grass, clear the weeds and prune the trees that surround the farm.
  • In April we dig the land, plant organic vegetables and plough the fields.
  • In May we cut the greens, the food of our farm animals and store them in the animal houses.
  • In July we cut the large shoots of the vines. This is necessary for the vineyards to get more air and sun.
  • In August we harvest the raisins and spread them in large threshing floors to dry.
  • In September we turn raisins on both sides for the sun to dry them. When this is done, we then clean the raisins from the small stalks and put them in large cages and transfer them to the dealer.

In September we also harvest the grapes and press them. You can see this procedure and wine making from first hand. The wine production is like a ritual to us, going back to the ancient festival of Dionysus. With lots of music, this is a chance to gather all the family and friends in our farm in order to press the grapes on bare foot in the place called “linos”. This is an acticity that gives us lots of laughter and joy. The first pure juice to come over linos is called mustos. Mustos is being collected in barrels, which are opened in the 26th of October each year, followed by a great celebration with lots of drinking and eating.
In whatever activity you choose to take part in on our organic farm, one thing is certain. You will have an unforgettable experience to take back home with you.