Our unique location in the village of Kallithea, or also called the heart of the island offers our visitors the ideal base for many activities.
You can try walking the old path that leads to the mountain of Vrachionas, a unique chance to meet herbs, birds, small animals and the famous black cave. On the way you will find the picturesque villages of Louha and Gyri with their traditional, folk architecture and the magnificent church of Prophet Ilias. Don’t miss the chance to have a coffee or lunch in the small tavernas and cafes located there. In Louha you can also admire the Roman tomb which remains untouched from the great earthquake of 1953.

    Other activities are:
  • Horse riding. Scenic guided rides for fun and sports.
  • Sailing. Daily excursions to small isolated coves and caves or the famous Shipwreck.
  • Scuba diving as well as water sports (water skiing, paragliding, ski board, banana, ringo).
  • Boat cruises in the marine park for seeing the Caretta Caretta sea turtles.
  • Cycling. Biking or mountainbiking.

When arriving at the Therianos traditional villas, we inform you about all activities available and encourage you to discover nature while combining sports with fun.

The Village of Kallithea

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